Lauren & Erik Beruvides || April 21st, 2018

We are so excited to share Lauren and Erik’s big day here with us at Barnett Estates.     Let us begin by telling you Erik’s precious proposal story:

” I wrote a letter to Lauren each day of the week before the proposal. On the Sunday of the proposal, we went to church and then I had a surprise date day planned. We went to Cultivar Coffee (where I hid the ring in my pocket) and then went towards the Denton Square. We then went to Recycled Books where we found a Hall & Oates Christmas album to listen to on our way to our date (the album was not great). As we were leaving, I slipped a book into the bag with the album and we walked towards the Denton Square. When I was in the right position, I pulled the book out of the bag and gave it to Lauren. She was surprised and read what was in the book. On the last page was the final letter of the week, which is where I asked her to marry me. I dropped to one knee, opened the ring box, and asked Lauren to marry me. She started crying and hugged me – and then said YES!! We had friends and family hiding and taking photos, it was a really special moment and a day to remember.”

These two are the epitome of undying love, Lauren and Erik met at a good friends engagement party where they spent most of the time talking. On their first date, they spent an entire day together! Starting at church, then to an impromptu Lacrosse Game, Houndstooth Coffee, the Perot Museum, and later spent the evening in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. They were then inseparable!
For the wedding, these two chose muted greens, creams, with a hint of blue and we TOTALLY approve. Lauren rocked an elegant low updo with subtle stems of matching floral with a breathtaking spaghetti strapped ballgown dress. With spring showers brings May flowers, am I right? These two chose to celebrate their holy matrimony in our chandelier adorned log cabin and gosh was it a beautiful ceremony. Lined with floral filled tree stumps, scriptures and ending with our wooden cross and pergola, it was all in all very magical. We are OBSESSED with the bridesmaids dress combinations of blues and greens, while the guys sported khaki pants and white shirts, it was a perfect fit!!
Following their ceremony and dinner, they opted for an outdoor reception area under our bistro lights along with their coffee bar! We had such a blast entertaining this sweet couple and for having the opportunity to share the day with them!
Thank you guys once again for joining the Barnett Estates family, we look forward to sharing so many more anniversaries with you both!! Congratulations!
We asked the newlyweds to share their advice to other couples:

“Follow the Lord, enjoy God more than anything (including each other), do not go to sleep angry with each other (talk things through even if it means staying up later), focus on your actions and the other person’s feelings, have clear communication and don’t assume what the other person is thinking, enjoy and date each other often!”

-Jordan Stevens, Marketing Director

Photographer: Caroline Joy Concepts
Videographer: Wonderlight Wedding Films
DJ: Sir Starks
Hair: Richard & Anna Lopez
Makeup: Laurie Leigh
Coffee Bar: Edison Coffee Co.

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