Sara & Seth Buechler || April 22nd, 2017

We keep going back to this date to relive this breathtaking day, gushing with beautiful floral and photographed by the phenomenal Blackall Photography. Sara and Seth met in the 5th grade in their sweet little hometown of Sherman, Texas where they were the bestest of friends. While he pursued her in multiple attempts in high school, she kept saying no to salvage their friendship. After attending UT Austin together and with Sara leaving for Law School, she quickly realized that living without him wasn’t an option. Their first date was at one of their favorite restaurants in Norman, Oklahoma called Blackbird. They enjoy spending time together on a relaxing cruise, playing video games together and watching College Football. Looking back on each and every detail we can’t help but swoon over their choice of color palette. We enjoyed celebrating their day with them out here at Barnett Estates and wish them many memorable years to come

Advice from Sara to other couples:
“Try to find time for just the two of you on your wedding day. It’s such a blur! My favorite memory is that last dance where it was just me and Seth in the room.”


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